Booms fitted with the BoomSafe® technology increases the speed and precision of a boom, while preventing the possibility of collision.

Automation, Collision prevention & Remote Operation 

BoomSafe is a boom control system combining automated movement sequences and collision prevention with true remote multi-operation capability for all of your rockbreaker boom systems.

Automate common or difficult movements and execute them with a single button press.
All boom movements are supervised by BoomSafe to avoid damage to the boom and surrounding infrastructure. 
Control all your rockbreaker boom systems from a single workstation. 

Factory fitted or retro-fitted to any brand of boom

BoomSafe is available factory fitted on new Boom Systems however, you can benefit from BoomSafe efficiencies immediately without purchasing a complete new boom system as BoomSafe can be retro-fitted to your existing boom regardless of the brand.


For more information contact your local Rammer dealer.  


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