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Australian GTS Dealer Network

The Diamond Saw range is built with the GTS quality hydraulic drive system and is available to suit 1.5 to 40 tonne excavators, with cutting depths from 410mm to 950 mm. 

  • Lightweight, strong and robust design makes it easy to use

  • Bi-directional blade rotation allows for cutting in both directions

  • 180 degree rotating head bracket provides rotation without the need to disconnect, saving you time and money

  • Instant brake system for added safety

  • Offset extension to suit, ideal for boundary cutting

  • No case drain line required, saving costs

  • Built in water spray system keeps diamonds cool whilst minimising dust pollution

  • Rotating shield helps to control water spray

  • Heavy duty stand, useful for storing and transport

In Australia, customers are supported by an independent network of highly experienced GTS Rock Saw dealers. As the authorised dealers for GTS, they can ensure customers’ current warranty programs remain valid. Click below to select the GTS Rock Saw dealer in your state.


(02) 9642 2030

2–4 Madeline Street, Strathfield South NSW


(03)  9315 3788

3 / 4-6 Somerleigh Road, Laverton North VIC

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